Change's/Bug fix's

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Change's/Bug fix's

Post by airmage on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:33 am


-Home area - too much all in one spot, needs relocated. maybe yanille or edgeville preferable hot spots.
-shops's dismantle all shop's relocate to specified area's
-slayer tower- need's to be completely redone along with slayer dungeon.
-most teleport's need to be remade ex.) change area's, change npc's.
-skill experience need's to be dropped some, i got 99 attack in less than a hour.
-drop rate's, item drop's, amount of item drop's.
-::yell need's to be changed so all people can talk over world chat.
-take rare item's out of shop's drop only's high drop rate for stable economy
-donator shop need's to be added, donator island with skilling area.
-furture add'on maybe boss pet's
-boss area's need to be changed
-training area's and npc's need to be changed.
-starter kit need's to be less money less item's for stable economey
-thieving need's to give less money for stable economey
-some boss's hit through prayer


- teleporting, no clip's
-crafting need's to be gone through and fixed

Sorry if it's a little much i would really like to see this server succeed!

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Re: Change's/Bug fix's

Post by Inthevoiiid on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:37 am

item drops to be fixed

money being to ez to get

skilling exp is too ez

exp drops

better spawn, preferable to be edgeville

better forums


some of the stores need to be tuned down a bit, they sell to much/ some items need to
become drops


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